Current scenario and international metrics in the document published by Advice Group together with the Mobile Marketing Association.

“Mobile – The relationship channel”: as a result of intensive cooperation in the past few months between Advice Group and the EMEA Task Force of the Mobile Marketing Association, consisting of leading digital loyalty companies such as Aimia, Wunderman, Velti, Sponge, Lumata. The international committee, established one year ago as a form of expression for the increasingly apparent digital developments in terms of consumers and new strategic relationship models produced by the Brand, is a first step towards a clearer view regarding the state-of-the-art in mobile channels as part of Loyalty and CRM programmes across a variety of industries, also defining a standard for international metrics to measure their returns.

After a first overview of the topic, the document focuses on the role of mobile channels in loyalty programmes and on the benefits of mobile CRM. The most significant initiatives in the current scenario are then outlined and the topic of barrier to adoption discussed, before moving on to the sections on Best Practices and Top Metrics for Mobile Loyalty Programmes, the actual core of whole document.

You can download the White Paper by following this link, or clicking on the photo below to access the .pdf file.