Advice has created the official App for Linkontro, the annual meeting – unique in its kind – reserved to key players in the Consumer Goods industry. An occasion to preview new ideas, listen to high-level presentations and establish business relations. This year Nielsen has chosen a location which is unique in its kind: Forte Village Resort, in Santa Margherita di Pula; participants this year included 474 Top Managers, 30 speakers, 32 journalists, 220 brands divided between production, distribution, media and services.







The Challenge

Creating a digital tool to enhance the users’ multichannel experience, boosting the co-creation of live contents. Not only information related to the event, from the daily schedule, to logistics, but first and foremost a tool to encourage interaction among participants and their engagement during individual events.

The solution

The APP MyMeeting allows for full participant interaction during each individual scheduled event. It is a concrete application of progress marketing to the MICE sector, because it makes it possible to engage users before, during and after the event, mapping their on-going interactions and facilitating the co-creation of contents in real time.

BEFORE THE EVENT – Connect & Information

A dem campaign invites the user to download the App and discover a preview of the scheduled events. This makes it possible to gather information related to the daily schedule, the speakers involved, the entertainment activities daily and in the afternoon, the sponsors of the event. In this way word-of-mouth about the event is promoted and value created for the sponsors, allowing them to be more visible and establish a contact with participants already in the pre-event phase.

DURING THE EVENT – Relationship & Innovation

Participants are involved, to all intents and purposes, in an event digital activation process, where MyMeeting becomes the key tool for the initiative because it allows for full immersion in a live interaction experience. The relationship between participants can also be established in a digital environment: each user is added to the event community and, thanks to the messaging system (live chat with authorization processes by the receiver), all person to person barriers are brought down, facilitating the exchange of information and improving business opportunities. The App becomes valuable also during the individual scheduled events: one of the difficulties most frequently encountered during conferences is interaction with the audience, a problem which is even more pressing when there are large audience. MyMeeting makes it possible to bring down the person to speaker barriers by communicating in real time with users thanks to the Polling function, whereby the speaker asks the audience questions, which appear in real time on each of the participants’ smartphones. They can choose an answer among the suggested options, and the results are immediately processed and shown on screen; this allows for maximum interaction between speaker and audience, making sure that the information collected is genuine.

Moreover, thanks to the Question&Answers function, the audience is in turn able to interact in real time with the speaker: as a matter of fact it is possible to send questions or comments in respect of the topic deal with, which are shown on screen and discussed with the audience which allows for a high-level exchange of information.

AFTER THE EVENT – Feedback & Repository

At the end of each day in the event, participants are invited to fill our qualifying surveys about their experience. In order to support virtuous behavior by the users, those who fill out all the questionnaires presented are eligible for the prizes awarded during the final evening event. After the event the App becomes a repository for useful information and contacts in view of new business opportunities.

The Results/KPI

MyMeeting transforms the paradigm of the congress world from static to dynamic and becomes a dialogue tool for a business to business community which remains lively even after the event in question has ended. It allows for real-time involvement on the part of the audience and serves as a useful repository after the event.

70% of participants used the App during the event, contributing to peaks of 6000 daily interactions. 50% of them engaged in virtuous actions, by participating in the surveys and contributing to making a physical event an actual repository for digital trends which is able to provide business opportunities to the subjects involved.