How has the loyalty marked developed after the arrival of the digital age and what are the new paradigms to develop relationship programs with an effective impact on sales? These questions led more than fifty marketers to take part in the workshop conducted by Advice Group on the 16th of October in Milan.

The meeting was organized in partnership with Promotion Magazine and chaired by Andrea Demodena, managing editor of the magazine. The panel of speakers included Alessio Di Rini and Ambra Pazzagli, respectively Loyalty Marketing Specialist and Research & Education Committee member at Advice Group. The workshop focused on the situation in Italy as regards loyalty on mass consumer markets, by analyzing plus and minus points of traditional loyalty programs, highlighting the strategic innovation elements which today lead more and more companies towards hybrid or 100% digital programs. This is also a consequence of consumers showing an increasingly digital and multi-channel approach, as was confirmed by the purpose-made research work contracted out to Ipsos by Promotion Magazine and presented during the event.

The added value of the meeting came from the hands-on presentation by Matteo Ghidi, Marketing and Trade Marketing manager at Parmareggio, who outlined theEmilia e Vinci case history, the first coalition loyalty digital program on the mass consumer market in Italy, launched with Casa Modena – GSI. Emilia e Vinci is a shining example of how digital can also include what was considered a “traditional” target, by involving two companies in the same relationship path to support sell-out and cross-brand buying.

The meeting was part of a series of scheduled events organized in partnership with Promotion Magazine, with Advice playing once more a leading role as regards in-depth research work on the digital marketing world in 2015.