Social engagement e digital loyalty: affinità e integrazioni nel futuro.

The date is the 3rd of December at 4 pm in room Amber 3 at MiCo – Milano Congressi, for the workshop organized by Advice Group and Kiver entitled “Social engagement and digital loyalty: affinity and future integrations”.

The presentation will be given together by Fulvio Furbatto, CEO at Advice Group, and Gianluca Perrelli, CEO at Kiver; it will include a description of the current scenario, using data and case history, to draw the new paradigms of digital loyalty aimed at optimizing redemption by accelerating the customer loyalty process. From Barilla to RedBull and Casa Modena, an outline will be provided regarding new challenges taken up by the brand with a view to creating relationship programmes based on a continuing consumer development study, as a result of appropriate matching between profiling, behaviours and digital device uses.

To take part, please use the following link and register for the specific workshop.

At 6 pm there will then be an award-giving ceremony for IAB Mixx: Advice has been shortlisted alongside Barilla as Best Experimental and Innovative campaign for the project Amici del Mulino.