For the third year running Advice has chosen Promotion Magazine as its media partner and didactic partner of choice. This partnership has a markedly educational outlook is proving increasingly strong, thus confirming all the work completed to date. Since 2012 AdviceLAB, the Advice Group research and analysis Monitoring Unit dedicated to digital market development, has been editing a section entirely devoted to analyzing progress marketing campaigns from abroad.


In the words of Ambra Pazzagli, Research and Education committee member at Advice:

“The purpose of our partnership with Promotion is to disseminate a progress marketing culture and to raise awareness regarding the opportunities provided by a digital system, in order to produce campaigns which are strategic because they are strongly integrated with sell-out. The international scenario shows that technological innovation can often be used with a view to having a greater impact on sales, following all developments on the multi-channel consumer market”.

As of last year, some issues of Promotion Magazine also feature an editorial by Fulvio Furbatto, CEO of the Turin company. The topics discussed on a regular basis include digital loyalty applied to digital brand activation, as well as incentive trade and retail actions. In 2014 some in-depth workshops were also organized; the most recent of these – on Digital loyalty at the service of sell-out – was extremely successful, actively involving over 60 marketers. Thanks to Futura having entered the Advice Group, as of this year the topics under examination will also include progress marketing applied to the events industry. The year 2015 will thus offer plenty of chances for in-depth analysis, research and meetings, already starting next January.