Advice Group at the forefront in the workshop on new digital frontiers for trade marketing

Fulvio Furbatto nell’Advisory Board della Mobile Marketing Association!

What are the current problems along supply chains? And what are the new digital relationship models used by trade marketing to “shorten” these chains, in order to actually gain control over the various players involved (distributors, wholesalers, indirect sales networks), with a positive impact on sell-in and sell-out?
This was the topic of the first thematic workshop, on 6 March 2014 in Milan, organized by Advice Group in partnership with Promotion Magazine, on the subject of “TRADE MARKETING AND NEW DIGITAL FRONTIERS”. An occasion for heads of marketing departments to meet and discuss case studies from Italy and abroad in the trade sector, data about digital evolution, kpi projections which can be monitored in the course of incentive and loyalty program actions.
In support of the new paradigms and metrics to activate durable and value-based relationships with counterparts along the supply chain, Stefania Alberi, Marketing Manager at Sammontana, presented the ACCADEMIA TRE MARIE case history, a project targeted at engagement and loyalty among bartenders, which involved over 20,000 cafés, showing a reactivity rate of 39% in respect of the cross-selling inputs offered.
Other thematic events will follow in 2014, all dedicated to innovation and the results of digital marketing in cutting-edge environments and industries. The next event will be on 26 March 2014 (at 11 am) during Promotion EXPO, with aconference on packaging, from static container to digital activator. The purchase experience at the point of sale, which so far has been purely physical, turns into an integrated and long-lasting experience, often based on digital relationship dynamics. The aim of the conference is to analyze the development in the role of packaging based on the various digital tools available on the market, within a practical framework of Italian and foreign case studies.