Advice Group at Promotion Expo 2014 for a conference on packaging and its new “digital activation” functions

PACKAGING FROM CONTAINER TO DIGITAL ACTIVATOR: this is the title of the conference which ADVICE will be organizing for visitors at PROMOTION EXPO 2014. It will take place on 26 March at 11 am in the conference room at Fieramilanocity (Hall 1).
The aim of the conference is to analyze developments in the role of packaging starting from the various digital tools available on the market. For each of these, plus and minus points will be highlighted, underscoring their strategic functions and how the brand can use them at their best, from both an engagement and loyalty perspective.
This will be followed by an overview of case histories from Italy and abroad, with a presentation by Barilla of the AMICI DEL MULINO project, the relationship program which this corporation, a top player in the snack industry, has implement to communicate and interact with its consumers, using the pack in a strategic way, both from a gamification perspective and for loyalty purposes.
The conference will end with a presentation of MyExperience, an innovative augmented reality project, which makes it possible to take advantage of traditionally static contents (such as the pack) to implement a mobile marketing strategy which is actually integrated with sell-out.
Admission is free of charge. To pre-register for the event (which will last about two hours), please visit the “convegni” [“conference”] section in the website
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